We at NIVI have always believed extension of our community by connecting with weavers, craft community, designers and artists. It is the very essence of our brand. Keeping up with this, we are proud to announce our collaboration with new label DAAKYKA, under the ownership of designer and artist Dianeshree.

Daakyka is a clothing and fashion addons brand based in Hyderabad.
As it’s name suggests-Daara(woman) Kyka(home); it’s the “woman’s home” where the client can feel as comfortable as being at home. The studio has a cozy atmosphere and caters to the clients needs with her style and dressing.

Daakyka prides itself for hand made clothes that are based on everyday stories prioritizing comfort and confidence when one wears them. 

Daakyka fashion and art studio does mostly fusion wear and custom made to measure outfits and also promote artisanal skills from various places.